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In 2000 – 2001 Rotary year the Cheboygan Rotary Club President brought before the board a program that dealt with at risk high school seniors. Kay Bohls, president that year, learned about the Strive Program at the Presidential Training in Lansing, Michigan. The program never started until 2001-2002 year but the club took that year to find the necessary leadership and funding. Through the help of the current superintendent, Paul Ellinger who was also a Rotarian and Rotarian David Darnell started our first “STRIVE” year.

Through Dave Darnell’s encouragement to his brother Bud Darnell our club had the good fortune to acquire a wonderful asset to the program.

Bud Darnell’s leadership in the program has been fantastic. Bud’s enthusiasm caught on with the students immediately. Men and woman mentors do not have to be Rotarians, but it is helpful to the program’s success.

The Commitment to become a Strive Scholar means devoting yourself to the three “A” Academics, Attendance and Attitude. Without attendance, you cannot achieve the necessary academics. If there is an attitude issue, both the attendance and academics suffer.   Recognizing this, the mentors are able to give significant aid to each student in the program.

Even students that fail come back to mentors years later and say thank you.   Rewards are given to the students each marking period who increase their grade point average.

The program continues with their job performance when the school year ends.

For example, a student has a summer job and qualifies for the Strive Incentive Program of $1.00 per hour up to 400 hours with the satisfactory completion for their employers. Upon the employer’s letter, the incentive is paid from the Strive Program. This part of Strive helps young men and woman become reliable hard workers in their community. The student having the most grade point improvement will receive a $1000.00 scholarship to NCMC.

Early on in the program Probate Judge Robert Butts heard of the results of Rotary’s Strive Program. The Probate Court and Judge Butts have donated $42,650.00 to the Strive Program since 2002, which has helped keep Rotarians working with the students. There are many success stories from the young men and woman over the years, who may have given up without this mentorship.

This year, Bud Darnell and Randy Mikula are co-chairing the Strive Program.

Should you be interested please contact any club officer or member.

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